Stay Inside Con

In lieu of this year’s Mizuumi-Con, we have decided to give our community something to come together on, at least digitally.

We will be streaming for free what we are calling ‘Stay Inside Con’!

Stay Inside-con will stream Saturday April 25th 2020 @ 10AM

So how does Stay Inside Con Work?
Well you can watch our stream starting at 10AM CST. We will be broadcasting on our Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook pages, so feel free to watch us with whatever one is your fave.

If you would like to participate in chats for the panels, please do so in our Discord while watching. We will have eyes on all services but our primary means of audience participation will be via Discord.

Keep scrolling down for more details!

Join us!


Looking For A Mask?

Our very own Minute Made Cosplay is selling reversible cloth face masks made with nerdy/game/movie fabrics such as Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokemon and now Harry Potter! Check out their shop for available fabrics and order yours today! 





Help Our Artists!

We know that some of the worst hit by this con-apocalypse due to COVID-19 are our artists. With this in mind, we will be soliciting tax-deductible donations that will be going to our ‘Artist Relief Fund.’ This money will be divvied up equally and distributed to all our artists that signed up for Mizuumi-con 2020.

Please use the button to the left if you would like to donate now!

Panels & Guests


We’re getting close to Stay Inside Con and we’re so excited to announce that Mr. CreepyPasta will be joining us!

Gather round the campfire boils and ghouls and MrCreepyPasta will tell you stories that will give you nightmares for years to come. Taken from stories around the internet and some of your favorites from YouTube, listen as the one and only blue man retells them in the iconic voice you’ve come to know and love.


Unfortunately, Required Reading

We’d like to welcome Unfortunately, Required Reading to Stay-Inside Con! 

Unfortunately Required Reading is a podcast devoted to re-reading books that were forced upon us in our formative years and finally saying our peace about them. Each episode Amanda brings a specialized cocktail to the table and Victoria goes off on a tangent about the history of the writer in question.


We would like to welcome back veteran panelist, AichiYume productions, who will be hosting “To The Library! Research Tips for Writers” and “What About the Mary Sue: Forgiving a Trope as Old as Time” at Stay Inside Con! ⠀
AichiYume is a panelist, cosplayer, & writer (and a great person! -Ed.) dedicated to informative, educational and always entertaining takes on the topics that matter most.”

Year after year, we have appreciated AichiYume’s more academic and in-depth panels, and we hope you do to! You can find more about them, and their great writings at:

Minute Made Cosplay

That’s right, our very own head of Cosplay,  Minute Made Cosplay, will be presenting two panels on stream at Stay Inside Con:
How to Make Cosplay into a Career
Get tips and tricks on how to turn your craft into a fun and exciting career hosted by Minute Made Cosplay.
And a convention favorite that gets updated every con season:
Con Horror Stories
The creepy pastas of cons. Come listen to some truly cringe-worthy true stories of conventions from the past.

Speakeasy Wigs

An award winning professional wig stylist, Speakeasy Wigs specializes in highly stylized wigs as well as armor and props. Cosplaying obscure characters as well as playing with proportion sizes is one of their favorite trademarks. The bigger the hair/prop/shoe, the closer to God.


They will be presenting Wigs 101:

A helpful guide for both inexperienced and veteran cosplayers, we’ll be covering where to buy them, different wig types, styling techniques, and the holy grail of all wig questions: how to properly wear them.